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Name Change and new website

Art By Miriam has changed her name to Miriam’s Art with a new website  Please follow me to that site and subscribe to the email notification list.  I will be offering a free giveaway on June 21.  Sorry for any inconvenience!  You can also follow me on by going to your reader and managing the sites you follow.  You can do the same with  Enjoy

Migration to complete…

Miriam’s Art is pleased to announce that they have migrated all her blogs and pages to her site.  I don’t know about the followers though.  We will have to see.  I will keep posting here until I am sure that the followers have migrated too!  Sorry for posting techno stuff and not art.  I am almost finished my Bluebirds and Blue Flowers pastel painting.  I will be posting that at which is my site.  If you follow me through your Reader page, then Manage the Followed Sites and… Read more Migration to complete…

Migration to via Manage Followed Sites

Well I have my site  You could follow me by going to your “Reader” and then to “Manage” your Followed sites and then type in “” and click on follow when it shows up.  I have requested that they migrate my followers but they aren’t doing it so I am asking you to do it this way.  They might be waiting for me to ask I don’t know!  You fill out a form, ask that they migrate your followers and then you hear nothing from them.  So I… Read more Migration to via Manage Followed Sites

Migration to

Art By Miriam has changed to Miriam’s Art.  I have created a new domain called  The website still needs work and I haven’t posted yet.  I have uploaded a new theme called DIVI.  To do this I had to have a site.  They should be migrating the followers and the posts this week so I will keep you posted.  Take care!

Business Name Change

Art By Miriam has officially changed her name to Miriam’s Art.  My website was and it has now been changed to  I haven’t made a post yet.  They still haven’t migrated my followers or my posts from to  I will be using the DIVI theme that I purchased from Elegant Themes but it’s too big to upload to my host.  I am waiting for details.  So I can’t post until the new theme has been uploaded and until all my posts have been migrated.  Still waiting… Read more Business Name Change