Great Blue Heron and The Little Stint

Here are two more of my watercolor paintings, The Blue Heron and the Little Stint.  The Great Blue Heron is a majestic bird found in Barrie, Ontario, Canada in the summer.  It migrates to Southern United States for the winter but is found there year round.  It is a 45-47″ long bird and may stand 4′ high.  The Little Stint is a rare shore bird and much smaller.  It is 6″ long. It is a casual visitor from Eurasia.  Since the Great Blue Heron is a long and thin painting, it is sold as the original drawing for $50.00, a 16×20″ print for $28.80, smaller prints, a card for $5.00, a mug for $12.00, a magnet for $1.20 or a bookmark for $1.70.  The Little stint is sold as the same products but would also be beautiful on a tote bag for $22.50. Again, all prices are in Cdn funds and payment is taken by credit card or paypal.  Please contact 705 796 1840 or

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