2016 Price List

2016 July Price List    MK Nature Design

Unique nature designs are available as pastel or watercolor paintings.  Pet portraits are available as pastel paintings or graphite drawings.

Original painting/drawing, framed            $300.00

Original painting/drawing, unframed      $200.00

8×10” print, framed                                         $125.00

8×10” print, unframed                                   $ 75.00

12×18” print, framed                                      $175.00

12×18” print, unframed                                 $ 75.00

5×7” cards                                                           $   4.00

10 – 5×7” cards                                                  $ 35.00

Barn owl long viscose crepe scarf              $ 42.00

Snow leopard long silk scarf                        $ 45.00

Yellow lily silk scarf                                        $ 39.00

All prices are in Canadian funds.  Payment accepted via credit card or paypal.

FREE shipping and delivery on cards and scarves.

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