White Breasted Nuthatch

I would like to announce the release of my new unique nature design, the White Breasted Nuthatch.  This is a pastel drawing on paper.  This bird is found in Barrie, Ontario, Canada year round.  It is a small bird measuring 5.75″in length.  It is the most common nuthatch known for the black cap (the cap is grey in the female).  It is found in forests, woodlots, river woods, groves, shade trees and feeders.

nuthatch white breasted

An inprogress drawing is found below.

nuthatch white breasted ip collage

This unique nature design is available as the original drawing for $50.00, a 16×20″ print for $28.80, a card for $5.00, a throw pillow for $36.00 or a journal for $33.50.  In addition, the unique nature design can be printed on mugs, magnets, tote bags, t-shirts, hoodies, and iphone6 cases.  All prices are in Cdn funds and payment is via credit card or paypal.  Please contact 705 796 1840 or mknaturedesign@outlook.com.  The full price list will be posted on a later date.

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