Adopt a Bald Eagle with the Audubon Society


MK Nature Design is happy to announce that it is possible to adopt a bald eagle much like a polar bear.  When we adopt an animal the money goes into research and keeping the animal safe.  So for the first time, to my knowledge, it is possible to adopt a bald eagle. Adopt a bald eagle at the Audubon Society.

Below you can see the unique nature design of the Bald Eagle by MK Nature Design.  A majestic and stunning bird that is adored the world over and that is the national bird of the USA.

The unique nature design can be purchased as an original drawing for $125.00 framed and $25.00 unframed or on a zippered hoodie for $53.00.  Prices are in Canadian dollars.  Payment is accepted by etransfer (in Canada), credit cards and paypal.  Please contact Miriam at 705 796 1840 or

I am posting late today.  Had to give my computer a yearly maintenance check!  If you have enjoyed this blog please comment below or on facbook or twitter!  I would love to hear from you.  I always value your opinion and am truly interested in what you are thinking about!  Have a happy week.  Please post!

bald eagle e

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