The Endangered Snow Leopard

MK Nature Design blogs again about her Long Snow Leopard Silk Scarf.  It can be found in my Etsy shop MK Nature Design.

Snow Leopards can be found in the mountains of central Asia.  They are endangered due to encroachment on their habitat by farmers and may be in danger due to the drying of streams as a result of complete glacier melt and climate change.  For more information go to the Snow Leopard Trust site.  You can even adopt a snow leopard by following this link.

I painted the snow leopard around Christmas time last year.  I thought of snow and immediately thought of the snow leopard.  It is such a beautiful and majestic animal.  I am in awe and concerned for it’s well being.

The scarf can be found on my Etsy site:  MK Nature Design.  The cost is $50 CAN and can be paid by credit card or Paypal.  Or you can call me at 705 796 1840 or email me at  Only a limited amount are in stock!

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