Purple Blue Flower Watercolor



MK Nature Design is pleased to release her Purple Blue Flower Watercolor.  In this watercolor painting she has experimented with watercolor washes in the background.  She has also used her new small brushes for the detail in the blossoms.  Lighting was an issue while taking a picture of her work.  Painting this watercolor was exciting because she wasn’t sure how the washes would work.  Also it was frustrating to paint so small.  The smallest hesitation with the brush could mean a mistake.  This painting didn’t soothe Miriam as much because of the stress around the detail.  When she had finished she was not happy with her work.  It was better however the next day when she took a look at it.  Painting it did relax her and she thought of the flowers and color as she painted.  It did relax her mind.  Enjoy!

By the way MK Nature Design has changed her pricing once again.  Her illness didn’t allow her to go to galleries to exhibit her work.  Therefore she does not need to charge gallery prices.  Please see the new 2017 Price List on the drop down menu provided.


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