Tesla batteries ready to back up solar and wind power

MK Nature Design is happy to announce that Tesla is making advancements in battery technology to be better able to support solar and wind power.

Three plants are being built in California (Bloomberg Technology, January 30, 2017).  At these plants Tesla batteries will be used.  The battery storage industry is small and still young.  Until recently batteries were very expensive.  Tesla wants to be able to provide 15 GW of power with batteries by 2020.  Not all are as optimistic that this will happen.  This would be enough power for nuclear facilities.  Battery prices have fallen by almost 1/2 since 2013.  Battery powered plants don’t pollute, have a smaller footprint and an instant response.  It will probably be a few years before Tesla batteries are cheap enough to be affordable and reasonable as a power source.  The electric car industry is helping to reduce the price of batteries by increasing their demand.

AES is building a plant five times the size of Tesla’s and it will be ready in 2021.  However Tesla is building most of it’s batteries in-house in Reno whereas AES is not.

To read more about this go to the article found here.

Therefore it looks like batteries are going to get cheaper and better able to support solar and wind power.

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