A Curious Stare Pastel

A Curious Stare wordpress

Art By Miriam is pleased to release her A Curious Stare pastel painting.  The eyes of the red fox look curiously at you as if asking a question.

This pastel painting has a red fox of reds and beige in the middle ground with a black background.  I may do this painting on black paper one day.  I did not have the exact rust red of a fox and had to make do with what I had.  At first the colors of the fox were too stark, then I added a red brown overall and it looked better.  I painted this painting because of the eyes.  The eyes of an animal are what a person is drawn to.  This one has a curious stare.  My daughter loves foxes so this one’s for her.

This painting soothed me and relieved anxiety.  I had an anxious morning with demons of today haunting me.  Rendering (blending the pastel) the black background calmed me.  Painting this red fox relieved the stress and stilled my mind.  The afternoon was better.  I sat quietly and looked at my painting and found ways to make it better.  Sitting quietly contemplating my work calmed me even more.

This painting required a new technique for me.  It was rendering of a color as an undercoat and then adding a color on top without rendering.  It worked out quite well and you can see the individual strokes of the pastel pencils that I used.  I use Derwent pastel pencils in this case.  The professional fixative didn’t dull the colors either so I am happy!

The painting is for sale as usual.  This time it is about 9×9″ but will sell as a 12×18″ since it will be framed to a 16×20″ frame.  Please see the 2017 Price List for information and email me at artbymiriam@outlook.com.  I plan to get a paypal button set up soon.

Please like or comment below.  It means a lot to me to get likes for my art.  It really encourages me.  Please like or share on Facebook.  Or retweet on Twitter.  Or repost on Tumblr.  Enjoy!


    • Thanks for the reblog Susan! It warms my heart to know that someone appreciates my art. It gives me hope and courage to paint or draw some more. Thanks so much for the kind words. What was it in particular that you liked about A Curious Stare?


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