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I survived a bad experience…

Art By Miriam speaks of a bad experience that happened in the past.  But more importantly she speaks of how she survived and is healing now.  I have just read that it is important to write.  To write about the bad experience but also about how you survived.  This way the bad experience is changed into something good. Over 20 years ago I had a bad experience.  It marred me but I repressed it.  I completely blocked it out and now don’t remember my childhood.  So I mourn today my… Read more I survived a bad experience…

Earth Hour 8:30 pm EST Canada

Art By Miriam now speaks of something dear to her heart, the climate.  Climate change is happening and all who want to make the world a better place is shutting off their lights tonight at 8:30 pm for one hour.  In solidarity we show to everyone that the earth, the planet of our grandchildren, is important to us and that we want to protect it! Earth Hour started a couple of years ago and is growing in strength.  Climate change is happening.  Sever drought, severe storms and flooding is happening… Read more Earth Hour 8:30 pm EST Canada

Finding Ritual and a Safe Place

Miriam takes time now to reflect on something she has just read.  When dealing with memories of a past bad experience one should set up a ritual with a specific time to write about and deal with the situation.  One should do this in a safe place. That safe place could be in your home, in a certain room, a bathroom for example or a separate room where you can expect some privacy.  You could light a candle or play music.  The idea is to envelope the act of remembering… Read more Finding Ritual and a Safe Place